Nanuke Alaskan Malamutes

(EST. 1980)
Sandy D’Andrea
Lockport , New York 14094 

I have been involved with the Alaskan Malamute since 1979.  I purchased my first male from Jane Wright of Northeast Kennels.  He was sold as a companion, but became a champion in every sense of the word. He was my start and the reason for my success today.

I have bred over sixty champions including multiple Best in show winners, National Specialty winners, ROM producers,  working titled and obedience dogs.  Also the top winning Malamute of all  time « Tyler » BIS BISS Ch Nanuke’s Take No Prisoners, a once in a lifetime dog. His son « Costello » BIS BISS Ch Nanuke’s SnoKlassic No Boundaries, is the second winningest Mal and the 2006 AKC/Eukanuba National champion. 

All my dogs are house dogs. Many people think of the malamute as strictly an outside dog. That is far from the case. They love to be with people, even if its just laying at their owners feet.  They are clean and odorless and make wonderful house  dogs.  They are not guard dogs. If your looking for protection or a guard dog the Malamute is not the dog for you. They require a regular grooming schedule. They are a breed that sheds and maintenance of their coat, nails, ears and teeth are very important.

The malamute is not for everyone. They are very intelligent which makes them harder to train, frustrating at times and always ready to stand for the challenge. If you are not willing  to work hard and spend a great deal of time with your dog, than this breed is not for you. I can’t imagine life without  one, but I know how they can be if not trained properly.  That is something you do not want to experience. They must be taken to obedience  school, doggy day care , puppy socialization classes etc.  the more you do with them as puppies the better they are as adults. Not only will I thank you for taking them, society will too. 

All my companion dogs are sold on a spay/neuter  contract. I guarantee my dogs for life and at anytime I will take them back for whatever reason.  My puppies are placed after they reach 7 weeks of age.  At anytime during the life of your dog you can call me for any reason. I want to know how things are going. The puppy must be spayed/neutered before 7 months of age.

The puppies that will be available are from generations of healthy dogs not only physically but mentally sound as well. All my stock is OFA (hip dysplasia) Chd(chrondodysplasia) and CERF (cleared for any eye disorders) clear.  They come from generations of champions. A breeding program that is well known across the world.

 I  ask for pictures of your home inside and out and of your fenced in backyard. Also please complete my questionnaire.  I do not ship my puppies. If you are serious and want one of my babies, than you must meet me to pick up your puppy.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.  


Sandy D’Andrea

Nanuke Alaskan malamutes